The Importance Of Professional Accountants

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How Parents Can Save Money And Reduce Their Income Tax Obligation

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Parent’s know that the expenses associated with raising a child quickly add up. By the time a child is 18, parents can expect to spend anywhere from $145,500 to $455,000, a range that doesn’t include the cost of college. Get ahead of your expenses by utilizing some of the tax benefits specifically designed for parents. Contribute to a Tax Advantaged 529 College Savings Account One of the most significant expenditures a parent will have is college tuition. Read More»

Accounting Mistakes That Will Give Bloggers a Headache at Tax Time

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You may have started writing your blog because of a passion you have, but, if you’ve started making money with it, tax time can be somewhat stressful. As someone who isn’t used to running a business, you are likely to be making the following accounting mistakes because you don’t realize how your actions can affect you when it’s time to do your taxes at the end of the year. Not Separating Out Business Income and Expenses Read More»

How To Save Time When Managing Your Small Business Finances

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Keeping an eye on your finances is key to a successful business, but it may not be your forte if you come from another background. There are some strategies that you can take to both have a strong handle on your finances and save most of your time for other tasks.  Let a Specialist Do the Work First of all, there are several reasons to have a finance person who is designated to do most of the legwork. Read More»

Exposing a Few Common Myths Concerning Managing Your Business's Finances

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Managing the financial aspects of running a business can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task for anyone to do. This can be particularly true during tax season. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that may make the mistake of assuming that some common misconceptions about this aspect of managing a business are true. By learning the reality about the following financial myths, you will find yourself in a far better position to make sound choices for your needs. Read More»

Black Gold, Not Fool's Gold: 6 Financial Tips for Oil-Field Workers

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The oil industry—or its support industries—can be a “boom or bust” line of work. When times are good, an oil-field worker can bring in as much as six figures annually. But when the price of oil drops or other outside forces push costs up, workers can be laid off in a heartbeat. If you’re starting work in the oil fields, then it’s important to follow a few guidelines for maintaining a healthy financial life even in these volatile times. Read More»