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Accountant Newbie: Stand Out & Find The Right Job For You

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You are ready to get started with your accounting career, but you are not sure where to find a job and how to make yourself stand out as the prime candidate for the job. The following simple guide will show you how to stand out to your future employer and a few tips to help you find a job. 

Where To Find Opportunities

The first thing you should do is make sure you narrow down your choices, because a blind search on the internet will give you too many results, which could be time-consuming. You might also want to opt against using a general job searching tool, as you may still have too many choices. So consider the following:

  • Try a specified job search engine geared towards accounting jobs. The only issue is that you might see duplicate results or outdated listings, as they might not be monitored. 
  • You can also try using accounting job boards. This is the best option because the jobs posted there are sometimes paid for by the employer, which means that they may be current. 

Make Yourself A Desirable Accountant

You still need to make sure that your resume is strong, no matter how proficient you are at finding potential employers. Consider the following tips to help you stand out:

  • Make sure your resume is personalized for each employer, because some employers use computerized technology to weed out resumes before they reach the hands of a live hiring agent. The technology will look for resumes that lack certain keywords, which are usually peppered in the company's employee requirements. 
  • Do your best to insert examples related to your accounting skills to highlight your skills and make yourself stand out. 
  • Be sure to avoid sending in a resume that is filled with cliched information, such as your desire to work for this company or your ability to work with others.
  • Identify your knowledge in bookkeeping, taxation, financial accounting, completing bank reconciliation, and other skills. Be sure to be as specific as possible with the area that you are exceptionally proficient in. 
  • Add your social media accounts or websites, and make sure that they highlight your technological abilities and some of your experience. Understand that your social media accounts can also be free advertising for the company and needs to reflect a certain level of professionalism. 

Those are just some suggestions that may help make sure you are noticed in the job market; hopefully you'll find an accounting job as soon as possible.