The Importance Of Professional Accountants

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How To Process An IRS Wage Garnishment

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A wage garnishment issued by the IRS is processed by an employer somewhat differently than other garnishments. Employers who receive a notice of levy from the IRS have a specified time period in which to respond to an IRS levy and submit the requested garnishment amounts.  Unlike most other issuers of levies, the IRS is not required to obtain a court order. A wage garnishment may be received by an employer with no prior notice. Read More»

Documenting Business Expenses And Profits For Online Sales From Home For Tax Time

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Becoming an online merchant can be a lot of fun and bring some extra money into the household. This is one small business opportunity that many people have taken advantage of and have done very well with. The first year or so can be a struggle to earn a profit because of the expenses of getting started, but don’t worry, you can recover some of that loss come tax time. Read More»

Running Your Small Business Finances: Ideas For You

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When you open your first small business in Mechanicsburg, PA, you will find yourself faced with a great many tasks and responsibilities that you are now in charge of. One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business for may first-timers is the financial side of running a small business. Before you become one of those small business owners who becomes overwhelmed by financial burdens and issues, get to know some of the ways that you can make running your small business finances easier for you. Read More»

3 Tips For Taking Your Taxes Into A Certified Public Accountant

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When tax season rolls around, most people think of it with loathing. They know that they are going to need to find an accountant that they can take their taxes to, and they want to make sure that they find a good one. Thankfully, most certified public accountants (CPAs) are ready and willing to help you out with your taxes. The key to making tax season a pleasant time is to prepare ahead of time for all that is going to take place. Read More»

2 Tax Deductions That Are Underused But Pay Off Huge When Filing Your Taxes

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When you file your taxes, you may claim fewer deductions than you are entitled to. This can lead to you paying much more than you have to if you pay taxes every year or making your tax return much smaller if you typically receive money back. Who wants the government to get or keep more of their hard-earned money than they are entitled to? Here are two tax deductions that tax experts report are often skipped or under-utilized due to misunderstandings about how they work. Read More»

Accountant Newbie: Stand Out & Find The Right Job For You

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You are ready to get started with your accounting career, but you are not sure where to find a job and how to make yourself stand out as the prime candidate for the job. The following simple guide will show you how to stand out to your future employer and a few tips to help you find a job.  Where To Find Opportunities The first thing you should do is make sure you narrow down your choices, because a blind search on the internet will give you too many results, which could be time-consuming. Read More»

Have You Thought About Your Future's Financial Plan?

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When you are young and living your life to the fullest, you may not have given a second thought to how you will survive financially after the age of fifty or sixty. Making plans for your future financial status, however, can have several benefits, one of the greatest being peace of mind as you grow older. The best way to enjoy your golden years is by knowing you are financially secure and not dependent on only a social security check each month. Read More»